The Crush List: April

The Crush List will be updated at least once monthly with ten things on which I’m currently crushing. Some are literally sexual crushes, some not. Repeat offenders may occur. If it starts raining men mid-month, I’ll probably do an emergency update. You can view the current list or check the archives.

  1. The Apartment – My new-ish apartment, which cut my commute from 2 hours to 20 minutes, isn’t perfect but it does the job. The Billy Wilder flick isn’t bad either, and it’s appropriate considering the reason I really love having my own place.
  2. Anna Paquin – I’ve been crushing Anna her since Fly Away Home, and now her vampy Louisiana drawl and bisexuality just make me love her more.
  3. Android – My Motorola or “Moto” Droid isn’t a game changer in itself, but the concept behind Android could be a serious threat to iPhones and BlackBerries. If we stick to about 3 standards like that, we could have simplicity without getting rid of competition. And having a phone named after Star Wars is the kiss.
  4. Cougar Town – When I saw the first episode, I thought it was hilarious but couldn’t see much potential to last. Instead, the show keeps getting better, striking the right balance of saccharine romance and silly sexiness.
  5. Farmville – Yes, it’s a complete waste of time. But it’s an addicting waste of time. It proves what Scrabulous almost did, before it got into a legal mess – that casual, social gaming is the next big thing.
  6. Funny or Die – The only lasting contribution from the “TV writers are on strike so let’s make content for the web” era.


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