Expiration dates?

How long should a person wait before deciding they’ve been stood up? And what should one do when it happens? Is there an expiration date on dates?

Tonight someone asked me out for coffee (quite abruptly, actually). They live about half an hour away, so they were to call me when they got to my place. They said they’d be here about 10, so I got ready and waited. Around 10:15 I decided to text them and see what was up. They said they were already here and left, and either I gave them the wrong number or they wrote it down wrong. (I know for a fact it wasn’t me, because I still had the IM window open and checked what I’d told them.)

Granted this may have been an honest mistake, but there are also times when people are just assholes and back out. How long should I have waited before texting him? And how long should he have waited for me to try?

And now that I’m sitting here literally dressed with nowhere to go, how can I find some quick action?


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