Now I believe in magic.

I met someone that I really like. I’ve thought this before and ultimately been disappointed. Now the thing I have to figure out is how to make this time different – if I can.

I wish I could say this was a case where I learned from my mistakes, but really I jumped (or fell, as the case may be) as quickly as I have other times. I didn’t do anything different than I have in other situations, but something IS slightly different. There was a certain spark that has been lacking in my other trysts recently.

There’s also a slight problem already on the horizon. The boy is moving for school in the fall. Although it’s relatively close, by circumstance it would become a “long distance” relationship. I’m not sure that I want that… but I also am not sure that I want to lose him. (Who knows, this may all be a moot point if the relationship doesn’t progress for other reasons.)

This relationship is not “perfect.” It’s not exactly what I had imagined. But I do see potential. He makes me happy. I’m reasonably comfortable around him. It seems that he’s also into me.

And the little bit of magic I experienced makes me scared to lose it.


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