Ah, crabs. I mean, ah crap.

Shortly after I wrote the previous post, lamenting getting turned down because I hadn’t been tested recently enough, I discovered a crab. This was the second time I have had an encounter with the little creatures (the first being about three years ago), and although I was better-prepared this time, it is no less disheartening.

I manually removed the lice I could find, used anti-lice soap, and changed my bedding. I also decided to “manscape” the region, with an electric trimmer.

The ordeal isn’t yet over, since I may still need to re-treat myself… and figure out how to tell my most recent sexual partners.

Last time, I was able to narrow it down with reasonable certainty to either a particular one-night stand (who I intensely regretted meeting) and a friend with whom I’d shared a bed (platonically).This time… it’s a bit more difficult. There are about four guys who fit the possible timeline.Three were regrettable one night stands. The fourth, while so far it has only been one night, I hoped it could be the start to a real relationship. Now, that’s in jeopardy, as I either have to have an awkward conversation or avoid him for a couple months and lie.

I have a very uncomfortable situation. And that’s not even including the itchy little bugs that could still be crawling around me.


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