Moral of the story: Don’t sleep with frat boys.

OK, while I can’t be entirely sure that’s the cause of my current situation, it wasn’t a good idea.

I have some kind of infection. Although there can be other causes besides sexual transmission for this type of infection, and won’t know more specifically what caused this until I get test results back in a few days, I have something and was given an antibiotic to treat it.

When I had to jump over a huge slice of pizza, left on the stairs like a fallen soldier in the battle to get wasted, I should have known it was a mistake. I spent my first night in a frat house. A real frat house – through it resembled a large cell-block dormitory more than the cozy cabins shown on TV’s “Greek.” Sports played on the TV in his room, there were piles of junk everywhere, and his roommate was away for the evening. He was no Adonis, but he was sweet in a slightly unexpected way. When he drove me home the next morning, one of the songs he played during the ride was David Archuleta’s “Touch My Hand” – an all-too-appropriate anthem for a one-night stand.

Cut to a few weeks later, and here I am, wondering where things went so wrong. My plans I had, to be “better” at dating, went by the wayside once more.

I urge you to go get tested for STDs. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass. Yes, it’s taboo to talk about in contemporary society (unless you’re discussing the plot of some lame reality show). Yes, there are many excuses we use… but there are more good reasons to get tested often. Most importantly, sex is an insanely personal connection even when it’s not a long-term love. Don’t you want to be worth your partners’ trust?

And – trust me on this – getting an infection in that area is not a pleasant experience.


Some resources are listed below to help you if you don’t know where to start. (I am not a medical professional and not affiliated with these sites, so you should evaluate any information on the web to be sure it’s reliable, and you should consult a trusted medical professional if you have any concerns.)


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