Somehow, somewhere, someday.

I hope that someday (long long in the future, when I’m either so fabulously wealthy and happy that I can be totally myself, or dead so I don’t care anymore), someone finds all my writings and can compile them into a single collection. There’s things I’ve written here open to the world (though anonymously), correspondence I’ve sent only to a select few, and some private things that have yet to find an audience beyond my secret diary. I’m just pretentious enough to think that put together, all my writings show something that can better the world – or at least touch some individuals.

But in this world of hate and bullycides, STDs and socioeconomic woes, infamous YouTubers and reality show celebutantes, it’s just too scary for any of us to totally be ourself.

I just watched “The Big Gay Musical,” and although it’s not exactly a big summer blockbuster, it’s an interesting movie. Scenes from the musical-within-a-movie, “Adam and Steve, Just the way God made them,” are interspersed with pieces of the lives of that musical’s actors. The music is hilarious, if more than a bit campy. It’s not Andrew Lloyd Weber-caliber, but it’s really not supposed to be. The lead actors are cute and there’s enough eye candy. At times the film can be shallow or stereotypical, but no more than many “straight” romantic comedies.

Wow, I thought I had a point but whatever it was, the train of thought left the station without me. Oh well, I’ll post this anyway while I try to figure out my mind’s next destination. .


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