Not worth a fuck.

So after a few emails, this guy asks for my stats. I tell him my dick size, because everything else is right there in black and white on my profile already (But really what’s the point of discussing that? It’s not like dicks even stay the same size for long, if you’re doing things right.) I’m astounded at the stupidity of him even asking when he could just read the fucking profile. He proceeds to question me, saying, “Yeah, but it says your waist is X inches and you only weigh X pounds.” Seriously?

It’s not like I was lying. Rounding perhaps. But I own pants of about 3 different waist sizes, that I actively wear, and my weight has fluctuated close to 10 pounds lower and 10 pounds higher than what I listed, just in the last year. And I’m certainly not morbidly obese or anything.

I don’t understand how the numbers caused him so much confusion anyway. I mean seriously, he listed himself as 3 pounds heavier and two waist sizes smaller. You really are too dumb to think that people might have weight distributed just a little differently on their bodies, or that the pants manufacturers trick you with incorrect sizing? You don’t think there might be a better way of determining mates than scrutinizing their BMI down to the nth degree? He also saw several clear photos of me, whereas I say a blurry one with his face blocked out. He had plenty of info to decide if he was attracted to, or interested in meeting me.

But more to the point, why should I justify my body to some ignorant asswipe just for a quick fuck?

So I just relocked my photos and ignored him, and signed off. I’m almost certainly better than him in every way possible. Yes, that’s arrogant, but probably true. If he’s going to be that much of an idiot in a few messages, then I don’t need him in my life. Even if it was just a one-night stand, I’m better off. And he can go try and fuck himself, which he will probably fail at, like he fails at life.




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