The Crush List – Summer 2012

In no particular order, here’s a list of things on which I’m crushing right now.

  1. Olympic gymnastics – Although it’s nerve-wracking to watch (and I really don’t understand or agree with the scoring rules, and NBC’s coverage sucks) the gymnasts are sexy AND inspiring. These Olympic-type sports are the only ones I really watch or care about. I think Danell Leyva and Sam Mikulak are probably the hottest men… but I keep changing my mind on that, and wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed.
  2. “Bunheads” on ABC Family – Amy Sherman-Palladino writes the best “witty banter” dialogue ever, and the duo of actresses Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop is divine. The show itself is uneven, with the best minor characters not yet receiving their due, parts of the plot feeling untimely, and just random nonsense. However, the show is entertaining and has tremendous potential if it could learn to be more consistent.
  3. “The LA Complex” on the CW – Like a more mature “Degrassi,” this Canadian import tackles “issues” like mental illness, GLBT relationships, and drug and alcohol use, with a diverse cast who are wanna-be celebs living in a dumpy motel-cum-apartment complex. It sounds contrived, but trust me, the show is much better than its taglines. The characters are dynamic and sympathetic, and the show manages to be both heartfelt and hilarious. Slap the show with an HBO or Showtime logo instead, add more buzz, and we’d be talking Emmy nods.
  4. “Fables” graphic novels by Bill Willingham, et al – Though not exactly the story I would dream up, if tasked with putting fairy tale characters in the real world, this series is interesting, critically acclaimed, and filled with great art.
  5. Stephen Ira ( – So he’s gotten attention for being the son of a celebrity couple… but trans* activist blogger Stephen Ira is, from what I’ve seen, just adorable, smart, and brave. I don’t envy the public scrutiny he’s receiving, and don’t really want to add to it (as if I could), but he deserves kudos.

The Crush List is updated occasionally, or whenever I see fit. (If I promise a more regular schedule, I would probably just break it again). Check out the archives.


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