Things that turn me on

In no particular order:

Fingerless gloves. Feet. Socks, sandals, or bare feet. The Doctor (especially 11). Glasses. Geeks. Nerds. Trevor Donovan. Just the right amount of scruff. Drag queens. James Franco. James Dean. “Dancing with the Stars” Pros (especially Derek Hough, Dmitry Chaplin, Tristan MacManus and Gleb Savchenko, and Lacey Schwimmer and Julianne Hough). Massages. Natalie Portman. The entire cast of “Revenge” (especially Conor Paolo). Lister and Rimmer from Red Dwarf. Tickling. Body contact. Smart people. Vampires, werewolves, aliens and other supernatural beings (in some instances). Kurt/Blaine, Blaine/Sam, and Brittany/Santana on “Glee.” Jay Brannan. James Van Der Beek. Matt Bomer. Cast of “Merlin” (BBC show). Bryan Fuller. Cast of “Arrow”. Shakira. Christina Aguilera. People being gay, bi, pan, poly, and/or trans. Confidence. Lee Pace. Quirky, smart humor. Sleeping next to someone. Spooning. Cuddling. Holding hands. Hair. Good art. The entire cast of “Teen Wolf.” Boys in casts and broken arms and legs. Boys crying. Boys moaning. Boys peeing. Swimming pools, fountains, showers, and other water. Little people. Amputees. People with physical disabilities / differences. People of all races. Accents. Some S&M. Getting rimmed. “Average” guys (not bodybuilder types, not  overweight, but a large range from skinny to chubby). Scarves. Jewelery. Faces. Porn with a plot.


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