A note on marriage equality

In case it wasn’t obvious (and it should be by now), I am a full supporter of marriage equality.


I’m not even going to make a case for it (at this particular time) because, really now, it should be so blindingly fucking obvious to anyone with half a brain. There is NO logical argument against equality.  NONE.

The only people who can try to fight against equality are bigots. There is no other word for them. They do not deserve even a second of my attention. Sure, they have the right to be as vocal as they want, and I will fight for everyone’s First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion as hard as I fight for anything…. but I do not owe those bigots even an ounce of respect. Their words do nothing but cause real, physical and mental harm to millions of good, innocent people.

I believe marriage equality for gay and lesbian people is inevitable. I can only hope that it is something that comes sooner rather than later. This also doesn’t mean that the fight is over. Marriage is only one part (albeit an important part) of full equality. We also need non-discrimination in employment, housing, medical care, education, consumer affairs, and more. We need respect in the media. We need to stop criminals who mean us harm, and we need police and law enforcement to be allies. We need to extend all rights to ALL those in the GLBTQ (etc.) spectrum. This includes supporting trans people, people in polyamorous relationships, and others often forgotten even by the “gay” community.

This does not stop at our borders; although we should allow other nations and peoples to choose their own path, we should lead by example. We should not recognize, support, or trade with governments who commit human rights violations and atrocities. We should allow those who must flee those oppressive places a way to live the American dream. We need to make the entire world a safe place for every person to be who they are born.

So, yes…. support the marriage equality cause with all your heart, and hope and pray for victory. I thank everyone who does (especially our straight allies).

Just remember that regardless of how many people change their Facebook or Twitter avatars to the red equality sign…. regardless of the Supreme Court decisions… we probably are still a long way from our finish line. And though the revolution may be Tweeted, it may also include more sacrifices beyond a social media campaign.



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