The Crush List – Spring 2013

  1. Straight allies – I can’t say how awesome it feels to see my straight friends showing their support by changing their social media avatars or making posts in support of marriage equality. It gives me hope both that the world can get better, and that I have people out there who will accept me for who I am.
  2. “Vikings,” on the History Channel and Hulu – This series is awesome. There are some arguments that it’s not accurate or it’s too fictionalized for History Channel fare… but who cares. History is always biased; it’s always written by the victors. It feels educational AND fun, and I am learning new things not only through the show itself, but through the research / googling it inspires me to do. Plus the cast is ah-mazing, and deserve Emmys (or at least nominations) for their work. Especially Katheryn Winnick as the bad-ass shield-maiden! And is it totally weird that I want Ragnar’s hair style? (Maybe a bit less scruffy version of it…)
  3. Jinkx Monsoon – I think she might be my favorite drag queen EVER. She totally deserves the crown on this cycle of Drag Race. She’s hilarious, classy, gorgeous, adorbs, charismatic, and sexy. She brings something to the runway that, while it pays homage to gay icons and drag legends of the past, is totally new and unique. And while she CAN read a bitch, she seems immensely nice and doesn’t NEED to tear down others to build herself up. If Ru doesn’t hand her the win, Ru is crazy. (And by the way, Jinkx, if you read this and Ivy Winters has turned you down regarding your crush / showmance….. give me a call! ROWR!)
  4. “That Sex Show” on Logo – I love sex, so this isn’t surprising that I would become interested in this show. However, I gotta say, that sometimes it makes me want to “facepalm”. I think I know more about sex and gender and relationships than everyone on there! (Not all of it is from personal experience, mind you, I’m not THAT much of a slut. Some is from friends and years of giving them advice.) But sometimes these panelists act so surprised about a fetish existing, or don’t know the meaning of a term, and I’m like “what!?” Even so, all the panelists are likable and funny. It’s entertaining. And occasionally even I learn something…
  5. “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand – I’m only a little over a third of the way through this massive book, but I find it so good (and so aggrivating in some ways). I don’t understand how the “Tea Partiers” think Ayn Rand is their mascot; this book is actually the antithesis of many of their beliefs… I don’t believe that we can infer how an author from the past would have felt about contemporary issues, because the world and time a person lives in shapes their views, and words change meaning over time. I also don’t believe we should read hidden meanings into fiction and turn them into political mannifestos unless the author specifically says that’s how you should interpret it. In Rand’s case, yes, she made political statements. I haven’t yet read everything she wrote. However, what I take from this book is NOTHING like what the pundits claim to hold as their views. So please, pick up this book and start reading – Part 1 can stand alone as a complete work as it is… if you can’t commit to such a large book… or start with her “Anthem” which is super super short. (We the Living is also worth reading, if you finish Anthem).
  6. Nutella – For some reason I’m on a kick of eating this lately. I basically slather it on wheat toast, because I don’t know what else to do with it, and don’t have any other chocolate stuff left around the house. And I think it’s healthier than chocolate (which I think is healthy itself) so yeah (even though I’m probably flawed in my logic considering it a health food, I really don’t care).

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