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The Crush List – Summer 2013

  1. Music – “All American Boy” by Steve Grand, “Royals” by Lorde, “Wasting All These Tears” by Cassadee Pope, “You Make Me Wanna” by Cody Belew, and anything by Haim are my newest discoveries. I’ve been listening to a lot of music, usually on Spotify or Vevo, the past few days. Usually, I only think to listen to music while I’m traveling (as a passenger on a car or bus) and when I’m at home, I only put on a CD when I have the house to myself and want to sing along, LOUD. Other times, I’m either watching videos, or doing things that preclude listening to music. But lately I’ve remembered to put on Spotify at times, like now.
  2. Gay Web Series – Eastenders, DTLA, Husbands, The Outs, Hunting Season, Where the Bears Are and more. This is actually becoming a crowded area, and that’s fantastic (considering how GLBT folks are still marginalized and underrepresented on mainstream TV). And many of these series, although independently produced at first, have now been picked up by slightly bigger media companies (like Logo and the CW networks). It’s hard to rank these, because they’re all worth watching (and all far too short! More seasons please!) But Husbands and The Outs are my personal favorites so far.
  3. Whodunnit? on ABC. Although it’s pretty cheesy at times, this murder mystery game show is fun to watch. I haven’t seen the season finale yet (which aired last night) but I am eagerly waiting to see if my guess about the “killer” is true. I hope the show returns for another season. I’d actually love to be on it, too.
  4. Teen Wolf on MTV. Although I’m not convinced they actually have any plan or will ever satisfactorily answer half the mysteries they pose (or that it will mean anything if they do)… holy hell, are those wolves hot. This show is quite possibly the true successor to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (okay, the ‘main’ character is the boy, but the female characters on the show are all different but powerful in their own ways. And there are now two recurring gay characters, and the relationships of the other guys are pretty homo-erotic. And there are many other parallels I could draw.) It’s a thrill ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  5. Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. I’ve read the first few books in the series lately, and although they are not perfect, they definitely held my interest. The first book felt uneven, but it was a necessary exposition. The second book introduced too many unlikable characters for me, but it was still enjoyable overall, especially once the unlikable characters got their karma. (And conflict IS necessary to a good story.) The third book is actually more targeted towards YA readers, and this was noticeable in both style and content. It takes place at the same time period as book 2, so it wasn’t technically necessary to read to understand the main plot, but I liked it. There are no major openly gay characters yet, but one of the main themes does seem to be young women fighting against the norms of a patriarchal society. (Apparently there are also implied gay characters in the series, but this isn’t made very clear at this point.) This series is just SCREAMING for a television/film adaption. It needs to be handled delicately, but I would give anything to be a showrunner for this.

The Crush List – Spring 2013

  1. Straight allies – I can’t say how awesome it feels to see my straight friends showing their support by changing their social media avatars or making posts in support of marriage equality. It gives me hope both that the world can get better, and that I have people out there who will accept me for who I am.
  2. “Vikings,” on the History Channel and Hulu – This series is awesome. There are some arguments that it’s not accurate or it’s too fictionalized for History Channel fare… but who cares. History is always biased; it’s always written by the victors. It feels educational AND fun, and I am learning new things not only through the show itself, but through the research / googling it inspires me to do. Plus the cast is ah-mazing, and deserve Emmys (or at least nominations) for their work. Especially Katheryn Winnick as the bad-ass shield-maiden! And is it totally weird that I want Ragnar’s hair style? (Maybe a bit less scruffy version of it…)
  3. Jinkx Monsoon – I think she might be my favorite drag queen EVER. She totally deserves the crown on this cycle of Drag Race. She’s hilarious, classy, gorgeous, adorbs, charismatic, and sexy. She brings something to the runway that, while it pays homage to gay icons and drag legends of the past, is totally new and unique. And while she CAN read a bitch, she seems immensely nice and doesn’t NEED to tear down others to build herself up. If Ru doesn’t hand her the win, Ru is crazy. (And by the way, Jinkx, if you read this and Ivy Winters has turned you down regarding your crush / showmance….. give me a call! ROWR!)
  4. “That Sex Show” on Logo – I love sex, so this isn’t surprising that I would become interested in this show. However, I gotta say, that sometimes it makes me want to “facepalm”. I think I know more about sex and gender and relationships than everyone on there! (Not all of it is from personal experience, mind you, I’m not THAT much of a slut. Some is from friends and years of giving them advice.) But sometimes these panelists act so surprised about a fetish existing, or don’t know the meaning of a term, and I’m like “what!?” Even so, all the panelists are likable and funny. It’s entertaining. And occasionally even I learn something…
  5. “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand – I’m only a little over a third of the way through this massive book, but I find it so good (and so aggrivating in some ways). I don’t understand how the “Tea Partiers” think Ayn Rand is their mascot; this book is actually the antithesis of many of their beliefs… I don’t believe that we can infer how an author from the past would have felt about contemporary issues, because the world and time a person lives in shapes their views, and words change meaning over time. I also don’t believe we should read hidden meanings into fiction and turn them into political mannifestos unless the author specifically says that’s how you should interpret it. In Rand’s case, yes, she made political statements. I haven’t yet read everything she wrote. However, what I take from this book is NOTHING like what the pundits claim to hold as their views. So please, pick up this book and start reading – Part 1 can stand alone as a complete work as it is… if you can’t commit to such a large book… or start with her “Anthem” which is super super short. (We the Living is also worth reading, if you finish Anthem).
  6. Nutella – For some reason I’m on a kick of eating this lately. I basically slather it on wheat toast, because I don’t know what else to do with it, and don’t have any other chocolate stuff left around the house. And I think it’s healthier than chocolate (which I think is healthy itself) so yeah (even though I’m probably flawed in my logic considering it a health food, I really don’t care).

Things that turn me on

In no particular order:

Fingerless gloves. Feet. Socks, sandals, or bare feet. The Doctor (especially 11). Glasses. Geeks. Nerds. Trevor Donovan. Just the right amount of scruff. Drag queens. James Franco. James Dean. “Dancing with the Stars” Pros (especially Derek Hough, Dmitry Chaplin, Tristan MacManus and Gleb Savchenko, and Lacey Schwimmer and Julianne Hough). Massages. Natalie Portman. The entire cast of “Revenge” (especially Conor Paolo). Lister and Rimmer from Red Dwarf. Tickling. Body contact. Smart people. Vampires, werewolves, aliens and other supernatural beings (in some instances). Kurt/Blaine, Blaine/Sam, and Brittany/Santana on “Glee.” Jay Brannan. James Van Der Beek. Matt Bomer. Cast of “Merlin” (BBC show). Bryan Fuller. Cast of “Arrow”. Shakira. Christina Aguilera. People being gay, bi, pan, poly, and/or trans. Confidence. Lee Pace. Quirky, smart humor. Sleeping next to someone. Spooning. Cuddling. Holding hands. Hair. Good art. The entire cast of “Teen Wolf.” Boys in casts and broken arms and legs. Boys crying. Boys moaning. Boys peeing. Swimming pools, fountains, showers, and other water. Little people. Amputees. People with physical disabilities / differences. People of all races. Accents. Some S&M. Getting rimmed. “Average” guys (not bodybuilder types, not  overweight, but a large range from skinny to chubby). Scarves. Jewelery. Faces. Porn with a plot.

The Crush List – Winter 2013

Hmm, I really need to do this more often.

  1. TV shows – so I don’t fill up my entire list with shows, here’s my top 5 of the moment – Arrow and Revenge (Though aren’t those two basically the same plot? Wronged survivor reappears in their hometown, after years of martial arts training and planning, to exact revenge on those who screwed over their families/friends, with lots of deception and secrecy), Happy Endings (Though I want Max to date more!), RuPaul’s Drag Race (Jinx Monsoon and Jade Jolie are my current faves from week 1, and I really am annoyed by Alyssa and Coco, I know their drama is good for TV but they are the least likable queens EVER in Drag Race herstory) and the web series Space Janitors (
  2. Conor Paolo (of Revenge and Gossip Girl) – seriously fucking cute. The hair. The voice. The … everything.
  3. More “out” celebrities – including Jodie Foster, Victor Garber, Matt Dallas….and whomever else! Seriously, celebs are instantly more likeable to me when they come out.
  4. Evernote application/website – I’ve only been using it a short time, but I’m addicted. I had previously been cynical about note taking programs and preferred old-fashioned pen-and-paper or saving electronic files on a thumb drive. But I tried it out on a whim, and it’s helping me be more organized about a research project that I’ve been doing haphazardly until now.
  5. Word games and puzzles from the USA Today website. I don’t often take time to do an entire crossword, but the shorter word searches, quick crosses, etc. on the USA Today paper or site are nice for a quick “brain exercise”.

The Crush List – Summer 2012

In no particular order, here’s a list of things on which I’m crushing right now.

  1. Olympic gymnastics – Although it’s nerve-wracking to watch (and I really don’t understand or agree with the scoring rules, and NBC’s coverage sucks) the gymnasts are sexy AND inspiring. These Olympic-type sports are the only ones I really watch or care about. I think Danell Leyva and Sam Mikulak are probably the hottest men… but I keep changing my mind on that, and wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed.
  2. “Bunheads” on ABC Family – Amy Sherman-Palladino writes the best “witty banter” dialogue ever, and the duo of actresses Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop is divine. The show itself is uneven, with the best minor characters not yet receiving their due, parts of the plot feeling untimely, and just random nonsense. However, the show is entertaining and has tremendous potential if it could learn to be more consistent.
  3. “The LA Complex” on the CW – Like a more mature “Degrassi,” this Canadian import tackles “issues” like mental illness, GLBT relationships, and drug and alcohol use, with a diverse cast who are wanna-be celebs living in a dumpy motel-cum-apartment complex. It sounds contrived, but trust me, the show is much better than its taglines. The characters are dynamic and sympathetic, and the show manages to be both heartfelt and hilarious. Slap the show with an HBO or Showtime logo instead, add more buzz, and we’d be talking Emmy nods.
  4. “Fables” graphic novels by Bill Willingham, et al – Though not exactly the story I would dream up, if tasked with putting fairy tale characters in the real world, this series is interesting, critically acclaimed, and filled with great art.
  5. Stephen Ira ( – So he’s gotten attention for being the son of a celebrity couple… but trans* activist blogger Stephen Ira is, from what I’ve seen, just adorable, smart, and brave. I don’t envy the public scrutiny he’s receiving, and don’t really want to add to it (as if I could), but he deserves kudos.

The Crush List is updated occasionally, or whenever I see fit. (If I promise a more regular schedule, I would probably just break it again). Check out the archives.

The Crush List November 2010

“The Crush List” is a list of my current favorite obsessions, updated monthly (or whenever I get around to it).

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow. To be honest I never had an opinion on her one way or another; I even used to get her mixed up with other sophisticate blondes like Cate Blanchett. But this girl can SING! She adopts various musical styles with ease, and puts her own twist on them, from Cole Porter to Country to Cee Lo Green. A preview clip of her upcoming “Glee” appearance and her stunning rendition of “What is this thing called love” in the movie “Infamous” had me sold. Please tell me she has an album in the works?
  2. Live show, it’s the 30 Rock live show! Although I’d seen bits and pieces, I only truly got  into “30 Rock” recently, and breezed through the entire series to date in a few weeks. Blending the different styles of cinematography and writing from the usual “30 Rock” and sketch shows like it portrays was a genius move. They also managed to fit in many of the series’ best guest stars to date, and  subtly change the east and west coast versions just enough to make them worth watching both.
  3. The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour. The “Guild” actor’s online sketches are funny. While it’s not as good as “The Guild,” the offbeat, sometimes-vulgar show is worth the 5 or so minutes per episode. Watch “Date,” guest-starring the awesome Felicia Day, embedded below, or visit
  4. Skins. UK, not US. I can see why MTV wants to import the show. Other countries (like Canada’s Degrassi and this) have captured a flavor that is sorely missing from American shows like the 90210 reboot or any of the ABC Family/Disney channel fare. But I don’t have to like it. Part of the magic of the show is that it’s different. It’s not afraid of sex and drugs, it’s not tied to the individual stars (Skins has already gone through two changes to the entire cast unscathed), and of course they use obscure slang (like the title of the show itself, which loses half its meaning if you’re not setting the show in England). The US needs more good shows like Skins. But they are taking the same plot and changing just enough of the details to confuse current viewers. They switched the gay male character to a lesbian, which caused an uproar. (There are already 2 excellent lesbian characters that appear later in Skins, and lesbians are needed on TV just as much as gay men, but there are other plot considerations to removing the gay character). What they should do instead is start with an entirely new plot, but capture the essence of the original show. Don’t name ANY of the characters or make their relationships the same. Or better yet, show the original series here, and co-produce new episodes – pouring money into the original so that it can continue longer. Viewers have proved time and again they can like foreign shows – so why do the TV execs feel the need to consistently dumb down things for Americans?!  (Notes: shows that were originally produced in another language, or have not been widely seen by Americans, like the original “Ugly Betty,”are okay to co-opt for us. But leave the British/Canadian/Australian shows, produced in English, alone.)
  5. Avocado. I just have an obsession lately with avocados and guacamole. This fruit is way underrated.

The Crush List: April

The Crush List will be updated at least once monthly with ten things on which I’m currently crushing. Some are literally sexual crushes, some not. Repeat offenders may occur. If it starts raining men mid-month, I’ll probably do an emergency update. You can view the current list or check the archives.

  1. The Apartment – My new-ish apartment, which cut my commute from 2 hours to 20 minutes, isn’t perfect but it does the job. The Billy Wilder flick isn’t bad either, and it’s appropriate considering the reason I really love having my own place.
  2. Anna Paquin – I’ve been crushing Anna her since Fly Away Home, and now her vampy Louisiana drawl and bisexuality just make me love her more.
  3. Android – My Motorola or “Moto” Droid isn’t a game changer in itself, but the concept behind Android could be a serious threat to iPhones and BlackBerries. If we stick to about 3 standards like that, we could have simplicity without getting rid of competition. And having a phone named after Star Wars is the kiss.
  4. Cougar Town – When I saw the first episode, I thought it was hilarious but couldn’t see much potential to last. Instead, the show keeps getting better, striking the right balance of saccharine romance and silly sexiness.
  5. Farmville – Yes, it’s a complete waste of time. But it’s an addicting waste of time. It proves what Scrabulous almost did, before it got into a legal mess – that casual, social gaming is the next big thing.
  6. Funny or Die – The only lasting contribution from the “TV writers are on strike so let’s make content for the web” era.

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